live event streaming As a Full-service Live Streaming Provider we have 3 Main Service Divisions…


As a full-service live provider for LIVE STREAMING EVENTS, we handle all Webcast-related tasks from start to finish. We take all technical considerations, setups & other chores off your hands, leaving you free to focus on hosting your own event.

From scouting your location for technical capabilities, to setting camera angles, setting up the free web page to display your video and much, much more… we make sure that the live stream portion of your event goes off smoothly & without a hitch.

We can even provide ancillary services such as providing sound equipment for music to professional, interactive DJs or MCs with years of experience in hosting corporate events.

Apart from our regular packages we can also customize your plan to include just about any service you might need to make your event a resounding success!


Here’s a list of our services (many of them are included in the Basic Package):

In-Event Services Include:

  • Professional Videographers with the latest recording equipment
  • Streaming Technician with computer & even a pre-setup micro-website if required
  • Lighting setup and Sound Equipment with wireless microphones & mixers
  • We can optionally provide Background Music & even a DJ or MC for your event
  • Completely Free Preparation & Setup – we take care of everything technical related to streaming, leaving you free to focus on running your event.
  • Onsite technical support for the entire duration of the live event
  • Pre-Event checks – for connections, stream tests, timetables, locations, etc.

Pre-Event Services that are optional include:

  • Development of a  temporary or permanent, personalized, Micro-website to host your streamed event
  • Secure password protection to limit viewing of the webcast only to authorized invitees.
  • Hosting your event video on your own website.

Post-Event Services that are optional can include:

  • Supplying a copy of the video on tape or disk
  • Conversion of your video to a DVD for free distribution or for sale
  • DVD Labels & Cases with graphic design & full color printing
  • Conversion of your event video into Flash Video for streaming off your website as an “On Demand” Streaming Video.
  • Post-production & Editing of your video to include in other presentations, video projects, etc.

From Conferences & Seminars to Workshops, Symposiums, Educational Presentations, Corporate Events, Meetings & AGMs or any Special Events – we handle them all reliably & professionally. 

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Here’s a listing of our available webcasting-related services

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More Types of Events & Services:

AGM Live Streaming

Conference Webcasting

Corporate & All-Staff Meetings

Professional Conference Webcasts

Public Forums & Town Halls

Corporate Events

Live Streaming in General


Live Streaming a Conference serves to add significant impact to any Event without hurting the event budget. It adds substantially to a revenue stream & cuts down on other event management costs! As Specialists in Live Streaming & Conference Webcasting, our service makes it easy to reach anyone, anytime, anywhere in the world , using online resources you may already have. With our convenient & affordable solutions you can count on secure, reliable performance for every event.


Live Webcasts of Symposiums are the perfect option for those who cannot attend due to prior commitments or who prefer to participate without the added inconvenience & expense of travel. Live Streaming Video is displayed on your computer monitor and audio comes in through your computer speakers. [watch a short demo of a Symposium Webcast] . Just like any regular symposium, the event is scheduled for a specific date and time, and the viewer can watch and also participate in question/answer sessions with the speaker, via a Live Interactive Online Chat screen which is monitored by a moderator. Recordings of the webcast can then be placed online for on-demand viewing by those who may have missed the live event,


Live Streams of All-Staff Town Hall Meetings is an essential tool for management to keep employees informed & motivated while also building a sense of community & corporate pride. Progressive Industry Leaders are using live video streams to share company news and bring industry events to employees through live executive broadcasts.


Online Workshops can be Live or On-Demand – the latter allow your course participants to access courses at whatever time or date is most convenient for them – e.g. evenings or weekends – complete with video, multimedia presentations, etc.


The importance of connecting management leadership and employees just cannot be overestimated. Live Streams of All-Staff Meetings is a critical tool for management to keep employees informed & motivated while also building a sense of community & corporate pride. Progressive Industry Leaders are using live webcast events to share company news and bring industry events to employees through live executive broadcasts.


Streaming Live Video of AGM’s is an inexpensive yet powerful way to build and maintain communications between company executives, board members, investors and employees. It makes it much more convenient for members & staff, if they can watch the event online and even participate using Interactive Chat.  These interactive live events are invaluable when it comes to the ability of a company or association to share vital information while also encouraging member engagement. Live Streams of AGM’s have become an increasingly important component of an effective communications strategy for organizations of all types and sizes.

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