Live Streaming from the Corporate Boardroom

In the rapidly evolving world of Corporate Video, Sales Training, Internal Messaging, All-hands Meetings, Investor & Annual Reports & Quarterly Reviews, are all communications that can be live streamed & recorded, to be easily shared with other offices & audiences anywhere in the world.

These are just some of the ways in which business can use streaming video to their advantage.

Watch this video containing brief extracts from a corporate meeting webcast


While corporations have used video for decades, corporate live streaming is a relatively new & significantly underused technology. Never has corporate live streaming been so easy and so powerful a tool as it is today. New technologies & tools have revolutionized the ways in which video, especially live streaming, can be implemented to great effect. Online video has become a staple of modern & progressive businesses across all industries. They are increasingly recognizing the power of live streaming, especially considering the cost-benefit ratio.

“The powerful combination of an experienced professional using quality, professional equipment, can easily & affordably revolutionize your corporate communications to enhance messaging within & outside the office.”

Advances in video technology are driving the way organizations communicate, both internally and externally. There is an ever-increasing need for corporations to leverage high-quality, professional streaming and recording technologies in order to inform and engage shareholders, employees, and customers.

Corporate Live Streaming has become an important medium in the business world for branding, raising product awareness, sales conversion, customer education, and inspiring customer loyalty. It is also an effective way to communicate with investors and stakeholders, not to mention your employees.

If your business is no longer satisfied with the smartphone-camera solution, then it needs to look more closely at using a multi-camera, professional production. However, most small businesses (and even some large ones) do not have time or resources to think about producing videos or hiring full-time employees to broadcast live. But fear not, this is not as difficult as it sounds.

Fortunately, modern technology does not require a permanent, in-house studio and four-person crew to run a live production. While no multi-camera system is complete or even usable without a professional to man and switch cameras, these days hiring a ‘one-man team’ to do the job is easy, convenient & eminently affordable, especially when one considers the inevitable pay-off.

Any pro worth their salt will have access to professional-grade cameras, multi-camera video switchers, mics, direct PowerPoint capture, Picture-in-Picture effects, transitions, graphics and on screen titles and low-delay video conferencing to bring in remote presenters, all while simultaneously streaming and recording.

Live streams generate significantly more interest and engagement among audiences than on-demand corporate video. Live video has the additional advantage of allowing viewers to see and hear something before anyone else, and engage directly with the content provider in real time using on-screen Interactive Chat features. Live stream viewers watch, because they’re interested in your company, your product or the information you have to offer, in the hope of learning something of value – which is why you need to reward them by providing quality content that respects their time and not just put out yet another sales pitch.

There are four important reasons why people prefer to watch live streams:

  • A fascination with & interest in unscripted moments from real people.
  • The urgency and suspense created by anything live.
  • The opportunity to connect in real-time and to provide feedback and have questions answered – again in real-time.
  • FOMO – Fear Of Missing Out!

Convenience is a major issue. A recent study shows that live streaming a presentation reduces the usual ‘Webinar’ software download & login barriers to entry, to increase presentation attendance by at least 10 times. 

An important benefit of Corporate Live Streaming not to be discounted, is Boosting Revenue!

Live Streaming platforms allow you to monetize the process in many ways – not just as a Pay-per-View or a subscription-based model, but also by boosting revenues using online advertising. Insertion of Ads or Commercials, before, during or after the event can be very attractive to advertisers & sponsors, not to mention profitable for your company. Not commonly recognized though, is the indirect revenue boost due to live streaming – this is achieved by reducing training costs, increasing employee productivity & streamlining training procedures.

Progressive corporations around the world are radically transforming the way they do business, using the power of live streaming video to engage their customers, employees, partners, and shareholders.

Whether you run a small business, an ambitious startup, or a multinational corporation, Mediastream’s  Live Streaming Service will help you control your message, make your communications more effective, and even boost your bottom line.

As a business owner or executive you should be asking yourself – Is this a technology my business can afford to ignore?

Have Camera, Will Travel!

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