Live Streaming Funerals & Memorials

Ever so often, it is difficult – sometimes even impossible, for family & friends to come together in person, to grieve the loss of a loved one.

This is why we Live Stream Funerals & Memorial Services – even Outdoor Graveside Ceremonies, where Internet connections may not be available.

Whether they are in another city or country, traveling or especially these days, when there are restrictions on the number of persons who can congregate in a church or any memorial venue, families choosing to live broadcast a service online, can now have family members and friends attend virtually, simply by sending them a link by email and inviting them to participate and watch the event in real-time on their own discreet, dedicated web page. No matter where in the world they may be, they can now view the proceedings live and in real-time and even post comments and condolences via a chat screen.

We didn’t know who to go to for a live stream of a memorial event, & given the nature of the event, it couldn’t go wrong – and it didn’t ! The streaming was flawless and professional! We were lucky we found MediaStreams online. They did an excellent job at a fair price & I recommend them highly.

Bob Penner, Stratcom

Here are some important reasons to Live Stream a Funeral or Memorial Service…
Funerals are a personal and very private event, and putting it up on a website for the whole world to watch, may seem a bit odd. However, these days it has become much more acceptable to do so, especially due to the fact that the Live Stream can be password protected to prevent unauthorized access by anyone and everyone.

  • Convenience – sick individuals or seniors who may be unable to travel, can now participate.
  • Distance – Family and friends residing abroad e.g. immigrants whose family members are unable to get a visa or make last minute travel arrangements, can now view the event in real-time.
  • Time Constraints – when burials or cremations cannot be delayed many people cannot make travel arrangements at such short notice.
  • Space Limitations – especially in this pandemic era, gatherings of many people are not advisable and those who are not invited to attend in person should not feel left out.
  • Storing Memories – recording the live stream can now be stored as a digital file – whether online or on a DVD for re-watching or to be watched by people who may have been unable to even watch the live stream. The footage is sort of a digital time-capsule, for remembering what folks said about their loved one at a memorial service.

To Live Stream Funerals & Webcast them Online offers many advantages…

  • It is very comforting to the surviving family to know that their friends and relatives are able to participate.
  • Individuals who aren’t able to physically attend can now participate in the funeral or celebration of life.
  • Ill health, travel costs and work or time constraints are no longer a limiting factor to attending the funeral or memorial service.
  • And since we always record the webcast, it can be watched later, online well after the event by persons who were not able to watch the live stream.
  • The family can even order high-quality DVDs of the service as an optional extra.

In times past, family and friends, who for whatever reason were unable to attend, felt left out and depressed by their inability to be physically present to comfort their loved ones. Well, that is now a thing of the past. Live Streaming technology is now readily available and we have been using it for well over a decade, to bring the event online, in a way that is at once, professional, efficient and affordable.

While some families may choose to DIY a Live Stream using a Smartphone, this typically ends up looking pretty unprofessional – Shaky footage, dim lighting and poor audio are not something that you may wish to display to your family and friends, nor to keep as a treasured memory of friends speaking about the loved one you lost.

The practice of Live Streaming Funerals is uncharted territory for many people and even many professionals. What does it even mean to live stream funerals? What about the logistics & as importantly, what about the technology?

Would a webcast capture the feel of the event and would you be losing out not attending in person? The answer is possibly yes, but in an era when physical attendance is often not possible, the Live Stream of a Funeral or Memorial Service comes in a close second – especially if filmed professionally. A live webcast may not be nearly as comforting as being present in person, but it is still a wonderful way to celebrate the life of someone dear to us.

As one of the premier, Live Streaming companies specializing in Online Webcasting of events of all kinds, we have been serving Greater Vancouver and the Sea to Sky Region, for decades.

The rise in popularity and easy availability of this technology, has made it possible for more family and friends living abroad, to watch the service. Live Streaming of Funerals & Memorial Services has made a significant impact on the immediate family, judging by the many calls and emails they receive, commenting on how it allowed them to feel a sense of involvement by allowing them to participate directly in the event. More and more B.C. funeral homes are now urging online streaming of funerals, memorial services and celebration of life events.

For more information on how you can increase the involvement of your loved ones in this time of grief, give us a call at 604.970.5055 or better yet, fill out this form to send us the details of your event and we will send you a Free Estimate at no obligation whatsoever.
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