Live Seminar Webcast Service

Live Streaming Seminars, Symposiums, Corporate Events, from Hotel Ballrooms or even directly from Your Office or Boardroom

Live Webcasts are a great option for those who cannot be away from work, or who prefer to learn from the comfort of their own home or office.

Watch an example of a Live Seminar Webcast containing brief snippets from the recorded footage

Online broadcast of seminars (full-day, multi-day or short events) are delivered directly to your internet-connected computer. Live Streaming Video is displayed on your computer monitor and audio comes in through your computer speakers.

Just like any regular seminar, the event is scheduled for a specific date and time, and the viewer can watch and also participate in question/answer sessions with the speaker, via a Live Interactive Online Chat screen right next to the video screen. We can stream your event live to any number of viewers – from under 10 to over thousands of concurrent viewers. We encode live, and archive the footage simultaneously to make it available On-Demand 24/7.

Individual speakers, panel discussions, questions from the audience attending the seminar and even remote presenters who wish to participate via Skype, can all be captured & streamed live, in real-time over the Internet, through a simple connection that can be viewed on any home computer, PC, Mac, iPad or any Smartphone.

  • Direct digital capture of PowerPoint slides
  • Picture-in- Picture views of the presenter
  • and of course Live Video Switching

…these are all part of the high quality broadcast you can expect at price levels that are way lower than you may imagine.

We provide full production facilities with an onsite technician to man the camera(s) & switch camera angles live. We also monitor the webcast while it is in progress to ensure the very best quality using our own proprietary encoding systems to deliver the correct video format as required. Live Email Support is available throughout the event, to help viewers who may experience any difficulty.

The resulting video stream is captured and archived as a video file (at no extra cost) for placing on your website as On- Demand video.

We can stream and record any type of event:

  • Product launches
  • Product demonstrations
  • Sales Presentations
  • Conferences
  • Seminars
  • Keynote Addresses
  • Annual General Meetings
  • Corporate Special Events
  • Interactive Webinars
  • E-Learning
  • Informational
  • Interactive Video Presentations

and more…

Because of our experience, professional equipment, we can offer a very affordable, cost effective solution for streaming live internet video for a broadcast production with professional level quality.

The video of the presenter can be synchronized with your PowerPoint slides to produce an interactive e-learning solution or webinar. It’s an ideal way to refer to any part of the presentation.

Our team will plan every technical detail for your Videocast, leaving you free to host your own event.
We arrange all cameras, audio and lighting needed to make your Live Webcast a success.

Videos are saved in both high quality digital video formats and web formats such as Flash Video, Quicktime, Windows Media, YouTube, Google Video, Vimeo, or other video sharing file formats. We webcast your event live and then archive the stream at no extra charge for on demand web viewing – or even produce an interactive DVD should you require one.

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Whichever solution you choose you get the most trusted technology from the leader in web-based Seminar Webcasting.

Deliver all the value of in-person events; Present your important information to more people wherever they are online. Conduct training programs, deliver updates to global employees & partners, connect with your field sales force and even hold press conferences.

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