All About Live Streaming

Live Streaming & Event Webcasting are becoming more & more sophisticated and is being increasingly used by the forward-thinking organizations we serve.

Most importantly though, unlike other entrants in this field, we are one of the few teams equally competent in the disciplines of Videography, Web Development & Live Streaming, along with the know-how to combine these skills to maximum advantage.

While most video production companies focus on creating only film or digital-based media designed mainly for any single type of distribution, we are a full-service, all-purpose, Streaming Video Production company specializing in all aspects of Event Broadcasting – these include…

  • Corporate video production,
  • Event video production
  • New Media Development,
  • Video editing,
  • Green screen (chroma-key) video
  • Multimedia production, animation graphics,
  • Post-production editing services,
  • Corporate branding, media development,
  • Videography,
  • Photography,
  • Corporate videos,
  • Corporate photography,
  • Small business websites,
  • Marketing videos for businesses
  • Video for websites, distribution,
  • Event videos,
  • Live event video streaming,
  • Multimedia websites,
  • Marketing-centric websites,
  • New Media,
  • Web Promotion
  • …and our signature web development skill – Small Business Websites for use as Live Streaming Platforms for all kinds of events.

Review the Benefits of Live Event Webcasting

We always provide a video camera operator & webcast technician for onsite support for the entire duration of your event. We can even provide a professional event photographer, should you request one. 

Live Video Switching technology is a huge benefit to any event, because not only can it make your production look technically savvy & sophisticated, but it also reduces production costs considerably, by getting rid of (or at least minimizing) expensive & time-consuming post-production editing.

Live Video Switching is a complex technology requiring specialized equipment (hardware & software) as well as experience in production methods & setup procedures.

Give us a call at 604.970.5055 to discuss broadcasting your event live or send us an email with your event details using this form…