Your Own In-house, Live Online Training System

For businesses that need to conduct weekly or even daily online training sessions, hiring our on-site Live Event Service could become prohibitively expensive. Imagine paying a couple of thousand dollars per week, every week, to conduct a training session, even if the trainees are paying for the training!

For those businesses & professionals we have introduced a special service where we come in and help you set up your own in-house, self-managed, online training system that allows the trainer to stream a live session – whether it be over a PowerPoint presentation or even a software usage training right from your own desktop – combined with his/her live audio narration, to unlimited numbers of viewers.

We consult with you to help you select, install and configure your hardware and software setup and even train you in managing your own live stream online training. We then provide you with a connection to a Live Stream Server that makes live streaming a breeze!

We can even build you a dedicated, free or pay-per-view website that can not only display your live stream but can also register viewers, collect online payments, archive your webcasts and much more… a site that you can self-administer without requiring our interference. Of course, should you require support, that option is also available.

We can even combine your live display with an Interactive Chat Screen that allows your viewers to ask questions and get them answered by the trainer – all in real-time!

Call us at 604.970.5055 or send us an email with your event specs to see how we can help you set up your own Live Online Training System in your own office and save thousands in service fees.