Webcast Package Examples

View examples of the package of your choice, or see examples of types of productions, by scrolling down the Playlist to the right of the video screen. Descriptions of the examples are shown in the table below the video player.

Package Descriptions
Basic Package A single camera is used to capture a speaker at a podium –  no slide captures.
Value Package A with 2 cams Two-camera production – 1 cam for the speaker and the other on the presentation screen. (Note: this method of capturing slides is not ideal & results in a lower resolution of the image as compared to the Value A method shown below)
Value A modified 2 cameras – one for speaker and the other pointed at the presentation screen – note the poor definition of the PowerPoint images which is typical when captured by a camera instead of a direct digital capture.
Value B – 1 camera + digital slide capture  Two views – 1 camera for the speaker at the podium plus a ‘Direct-to-Computer’ digital capture of the PowerPoint presentation. (Note: this method of capturing slides results in a crisp and clear image with excellent resolution of the captured slides). This package includes PIP (picture-in-picture) views of speaker plus the slides. Onscreen video can also be broadcast.
Value A & Split Screen  Split screen useful for panel discussions and also for Q&A’s
Q&A Value Package A with Split Screen
Q&A sessions with panel discussions captured with 2 cameras on a split screen (no PowerPoint slides)
Your Custom Gold Package Customized to your specifications with 2 or more cameras (1 for speaker + 1 for audience Q&A, panel group, etc.) + Direct-to-Computer digital slide capture. You can add Optional Interactive Chat screens, Skype capture & more to add more value to your custom event webcast.
Q&A Sessions with Remote Camera (Custom Package) This was a new, specialized setup to stream and record a Q&A session using multiple cameras, one of which was a remotely operated camera pointed back at the audience members asking the question. 

Normally this would require 2 video camera operators – one for the main camera station at the back of the room and a second operator to man the forward camera. However, we achieve this using a single camera operator to cut down on our clients’ costs. The remote camera can be panned and zoomed remotely by a single operator.

Custom Split Screen Package with 3 cameras A 3 camera production with split screens & live video switching to capture 3 parties simultaneously.
Custom Package using Zoom for Remote Presenters A 3 camera production with live video switching to capture an onsite panel of presenters combined with remote presenters in breakout rooms, brought in Live using Zoom.
Group Panel Discussion Generally 2 cameras are used as in the Value A Package, to switch between the moderator & the panel of speaker(s). It could be done with a single camera panning & zooming between speakers to save on cost, but that is not recommended as the camera movements can be very distracting and would look quite unprofessional.
Note: However if PowerPoint slides are also being captured alongside the panel discussion, it would require the Custom Package.
Keynote Speeches & Luncheon Addresses A single static camera (with an on-camera mic) is used to capture a speaker at a lectern. No PowerPoint capture here. It is generally the same as the ‘Basic’ Package but using our own mic/audio capture.
(Note: If however a PowerPoint capture is to be included, this will revert to the Value A package)
PowerPoint Slides Only A Webcast of just a PowerPoint screen only with voiceover audio and no video footage.
Note: In all packages with more than 1 view (ie. Value A, B and Custom) we use ‘Live Video Switching’ to switch between camera angles & slides in real-time, including Picture-in-Picture as required. Text overlays for titles are also used when needed.