Panel Discussions for Remote Presenters via Skype

Now you can include remote presenters, allowing them to participate Live, in panel discussions using a regular Skype connection fed into the Live Webcast

This is a series of short extracts from the Public Forum “Unfounded”, touching on possible solutions for the Missing Indigenous Women and how the police handle sex assault cases. These clips were pieced together from just such a Live Webcast, to demonstrate how effective it can be. There will be more forums on this topic, which will be webcast live in the near future.


In this particular forum, we had not only the individuals participating locally (RCMP, BC Police Chiefs, etc.) but also remote participants via a Skype connection coming in Live from Boston, Hazelton, Philadelphia and Ontario to join in the discussion Live.

The extract below is from the Globe and Mail investigation into the Missing Women. You can read the full article here…

Unfounded: How police and politicians have responded to The Globe’s investigation so far

The Globe spent 20 months investigating how police across Canada handle sex-assault allegations, and found flaws and inconsistencies in how many cases are closed as ‘unfounded,’ or baseless. Lawmakers and law enforcement have promised to do better. Here’s what they’ve said, and how we got here…

Since the Unfounded investigation’s debut, more than 50 police forces have announced investigations into sexual-assault cases that were deemed “unfounded.” Here’s an overview of what’s been promised...