Pricing for Funerals & Memorial Services

Indoor Funeral Service Indoor Memorial Service Graveside or Indoor Service with NO Internet available
Base Pricing Starts at: $565.00 Starts at: $565.00 Starts at: $775.00
No. of Remote Viewers Up to 50 Up to 50 Up to 50
Event Location Indoors Indoors
Is Internet Access Available at Venue? * Yes *
Please see conditions below
Yes *
Please see conditions below
* NO – Only Cellular Modems will be used – see how cellular modem streaming works…
No. of Cameras 1 Fixed 1 Fixed 1 Fixed
Second Camera angle with Live Video Mixing Add: $275 + $125 Add: $275 + $125 N/A
Second Cameraman Optional Extra – $650 each Optional Extra – $650 each N/A
PowerPoint Presentation or Video to be captured *** Optional Extra: Add: $450.00
(special cabling needed)
Optional Extra: Add: $450.00
(special cabling needed)
Multi Bit Rate Streaming Yes Yes No
Live Stream Duration  Up to 90 min. max Up to 90 min. max Up to 90 min. max
Live Interactive Chat Optional Extra $375.00 Optional Extra $375.00 Optional Extra $375.00
Stream Definition Up to 720p HD max Up to 720p HD max Up to 720p HD max depending on available bandwidth at venue.
Password Protection ** Optional Extra: $125.00 Optional Extra: $125.00 Optional Extra: $125.00
Unbranded Web Display Page Included Free Included Free Included Free
Custom Web Display Page Optional Extra starting at: $450 Optional Extra starting at: $450 Optional Extra starting at: $450
Display Webcast on Client’s YouTube Live or Facebook Live Page **** 
Add: $225 for pre-event setup Add: $225 for pre-event setup Add: $225 for pre-event setup



Wired Internet connections are always preferred as they are more stable and reliable.
Note: We can work with WiFi if the service is stable & provides a steady 15Mbps or more of Upload speed. We cannot be held liable for any slowdown, freezes, interruptions or disconnections of the live stream caused by a poor Internet connection provided by the venue. If there is any doubt about the reliability of the WiFi connection, we advise our clients to opt for the  service that uses Cellular technology  as seen in the Package with no Internet connection.

With a single common password for all viewers.
*** Projection equipment, Video and/or PowerPoint files, PA system Mic(s), Speakers, etc. to be provided by the client. We can arrange for our partner firm to provide AV equipment separately on a rental basis if required.
**** Client’s Facebook Live or YouTube Live pages to be setup in advance by the client and login details provided to us well in advance.
Note: Stream Definition is a variable that will depend on the lowest common denominator of your audience’s Internet connection speeds and available bandwidth at the location.

Note: Add GST at 5% to all above pricing.
Note: Setup and tear down times are not counted as part of the streaming duration limits.
Note: Our webcasts are fully compatible with all common browsers, tablets and mobile phones.
Note: We will provide the URL of the display web page and also a test page in advance so viewers can set up in advance.
Note: We use a professional, Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) – Akamai – with Real-time Monitoring During Broadcast
Note: We Provide all Video cameras, Audio Hardware & Software related to live webcast capture and streaming only.
A strong cell signal should be available at the webcast site for smooth streaming of outdoor streams.

Review our terms of service and payment