Webcast Package Descriptions

Broadcast Your Event Live in Real-Time to the World Wide Web with one of our convenient packages. 

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Description summary of our standard packages:

The Basic Package

With a single camera fixed on the speaker podium, this very economical package will capture the full event from the audience’s perspective, displaying video and audio to their browser.

We can also have a professional, digital recording system on hand to capture the best live video possible and record the entire presentation as a digital video file for use in future productions.

Watch an example of a Basic Package here… 

Special Economy Package:

Special single-camera package available for short Webcasts of under 60 minutes duration, such as Keynote Addresses & Speeches during business hours only. [Call for pricing 604.970.5055]

Watch an example of a Short Event Keynote Speech here… 


Value Packages

Two cameras will be used here – 1 camera fixed on the podium and another for panels or audience shots.
(Note: you can switch the second camera angle for a PowerPoint slide capture for a small additional charge).

Our experienced operator will be on hand to switch from the camera to camera (or to the PowerPoint display) on cue, using a Live Switcher. If there is no PowerPoint required, we can easily use the second camera to capture another camera angle or audience reactions.

Naturally, the same great digital recording systems will be used and Live switching technology allows us to switch between shots to keep the video stream much more lively, interesting & way more professional looking than a single fixed camera angle.

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The Custom Package

The sky’s the limit – we will customize to your exact requirements using multiple cameras to increase camera angles & the simultaneous capture of different areas of the event such as multiple speakers, audience reactions, onscreen presentations, etc., all of which can be mixed using sophisticated TV style mixers for adding subtitles, overlay images and even other pre-recorded video clips – and all in Real-Time.

You can even have a separate camera operator for each camera and a mixing technician to direct the live, on camera effects.

Watch an example…

For adding Optional Audience Interactivity with a Live Chat Screen for Q&A facility during the live event – Call Now… 604.970.5055 (Low Introductory Pricing limited time only) Available as an Optional Extra for all packages.

Free Archive: The entire production will also be captured as displayed and all the camera streams as well as the mixed stream, will be recorded for use in future productions. We can also create a “Video On Demand” version for you to post on your website (in Flash, MP4 or HTML5 formats) for anyone who missed the event.

For more complex projects we can meet with you to discuss the exact requirements for your event well in advance and we will provide a fixed, detailed quote of all the costs involved.