Why Our Clients Trust Us

Here Are Just a Few Reasons Why Our Clients Trust MediaStreams…

We Provide Worry-Free Webcasting:

You have enough things to take care of & Streaming technology should not be one of them.

Regardless of where your event is held — in your office, at a hotel, Conference Centre or even outdoors — we’ll webcast it reliably to a global audience.

We’ll handle all webcast technical arrangements so you can focus on doing your own job… organizing your event!

We Provide Reliable Setup:

We work closely with hotels, conference planners, A/V companies and IT departments to ensure seamless coordination in order to stream smoothly without interruption so your webcast will be of the highest possible quality.

Checking Internet connections, cable layout, camera positioning, lighting, equipment checks and more, are just some of the items on our live webcasting checklist.

Reliability is one of the main reasons why our clients trust MediaStreams

We Emphasize QoE – Quality of Experience:

We take every measure to ensure the highest possible Quality of Experience (QoE) for the viewers of your webcast.

Did you know that you lose roughly 6% of your viewing audience for every one second your stream buffers? Now do you see why QoE suddenly becomes so critical? You really need to take every possible measure to retain all those viewers by ensuring stream quality and integrity is maintained throughout the webcast.

Quality of Experience (ie. viewer satisfaction) is highest when viewers are delivered the sharpest possible video and the best possible audio, with NO INTERRUPTIONS and we are one of the few producers who make a concerted effort to put our main focus on this issue. Yet another reason why our clients trust MediaStreams.

We Offer Choices from a Comprehensive Suite of Webcast Features:

ScalabilityYou can select any (or all) of our complete set of features to add immense value to your event webcast and make it not just stand out from the mundane, but use it so communicate so much more powerfully with your audience.


We Avoid Using Free Platforms for Webcasting (platforms like LiveStream, Ustream, etc.), which allows us to make your event look professional rather than an amateur production. Free platforms have innumerable ads and other interruptions & some restrictions which are an inherent part of those platforms. We have our own servers and platforms to broadcast your event on a web display page made to  resemble your own website  – totally ad-free!

We Are Professionals – as one of the Leading Event Webcasting Companies in Vancouver, we have years of experience specializing in this technology – from video capture & broadcasting all the way through providing special features like online registrations, pay-per-view systems and recording viewer engagement.

We Have a Professional Setup Process – we will coordinate all technical requirements with the IT/AV team of any event venue to make sure that all technical webcast requirements are met well in advance of the event date – leaving you free to focus on running your event.

We Bring Professional Equipment – using the latest, state of the art hardware like professional cameras, sound & lighting in conjunction with reliable streaming software & hardware,  we can automatically adapt our stream settings to match each viewer’s Internet connection speed. With this ability to stream in full High Definition using Multi-Bitrate streaming technology, we can accommodate all your viewers regardless of their Internet bandwidth speed! They can use any current browser on their computers or even any mobile device like smartphones or iPads, to view the webcast without having to install any special software (unlike many webinars).

We Offer a Professional Viewing Platform – not only provides the onsite webcasting setup & technology, but we  also have the expertise to develop & maintain your viewing platform – whether it be a full-service website or even a single-page micro-site for a one-time webcast. (go to Webstream.ca to learn more of how we help clients display their event in a professional and reliable way).

Our Online Platform has Backup Servers – this ensures that even if the stream fails on one server, the backup is instantly available to almost seamlessly continue the broadcast without any discernible interruption.

Many Special Features to Make Your Webcast Look More Professional – Optional features such as Live Interactive Chat screens can be included next to the video player on the webcast page, allowing the online viewers to participate in the event by asking questions or providing feedback as if they were in the event room itself. The availability of audience statistics – i.e. not just audience size but even the geographical location of your viewers, is another valuable feature we can provide on request.

And last but not least…

Our Professional Technicians & Operators – are always onsite throughout the duration of the event! You do not need to struggle with unreliable phone or email support. With years of experience behind them in using the equipment, they are ready to handle any situation that may arise, instantly, calmly &  efficiently.

This is why our clients Mediastreams to be the Most Professional & Reliable Event Webcasting Company all the way from Greater Vancouver to Whistler.

Have a quick look at our packages to see what features are available standardly or as optional extras.

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