Benefits of Live Webcasting

Webcasting an Event Live has become an increasingly powerful tool for organizations to reach out to large, remote audiences – not only in broadcasting conferences, seminars & workshops, but also for internal communication e.g. corporate announcements, where it is vital to have more of their workforce involved in a meeting – but without wasted time, effort or travel costs. Today it is used to share much more than sports or music events and is playing an increasingly prominent role in business, political & educational communication.

Webcasting Conferences and Seminars Live expands your reach and audience dramatically, reaching many more attendees than can be physically present. This boosts revenues and thence your return-on-investment to the point where you can recover most if not all of your event production costs & maybe even a profit.

The Benefits & Advantages of Using Our Live Event Webcasting Services:

  • Engage a global audience make it easy for prospective customers to understand and retain your message with streaming audio, video and even PowerPoint slides.
  • Remote Presenters bring in presenters from anywhere in the world using our convenient Skype link…
    • Now other experts & presenters located off site can be part of your webcast .
    • They can deliver a slide presentation and even respond to online audience questions (forwarded to the presenter by the event host or moderator) using our Live Online Chat feature. 
    • You save on unnecessary expenses on travel & accommodations by allowing international experts to participate in your webcast.
  • Location no problem deliver professional, large audience webcasts, direct from your boardroom: Corporate announcements using Live Webcasting, allows management to communicate with employees, customers and/or shareholders, while responding to questions in real time. This cuts travel time and costs considerably – both for CEOs and/or employees. A perfect example of this technique is its use in broadcasting an AGM or a corporate town hall meeting.
  • Interactive Online Chat this popular system allows you and your experts to reach and interact with hundreds of remote viewers anywhere in the world.
  • Unlimited Audience Size – We can provide Webcasting that allows hundreds and even thousands of viewers at unthinkably affordable rates.
  • No Hassle Systems & Setup we take all the technical arrangements off your plate leaving you free to run your event. We provide all the equipment & technology right into your boardroom or conference rooms – including cameras, mixers, microphones, lighting, crew, streaming encoders, web hosting and archiving, while you focus on delivering your content.
  • Include Any & All Media recorded videos, synchronized PowerPoint slides, Prezzies, Live Chats, Surveys, Skype video calls & more…
  • Security your webcast can be as public or as private as you wish, using password protected access to your display screen.
  • On Location Technician(s) to monitor and work the system and take care of any eventuality.

  • Flexible Display Options High or Standard Resolution Webcasts can be displayed directly on your own web site or on our real-time servers at no extra charge.
  • Easy Viewing Options No downloads or special software required – viewers can view your event in any browser on any platform.
  • Platform Independent our webcasts are completely platform independent (Mac / Windows / Linux)
  • Mobile Device compatible webcasts can be viewed on most Mobile Devices like iPhones, iPads and most Smartphones.
  • Empower people allow individuals with disabilities to participate.
  • Reduce travel costs save valuable time & expense while effectively lowering your carbon footprint.
  • Event Monetization use our Pay-per-View feature to charge a fee of your choosing to allow viewer access your event webcast. You can recoup your costs or even make a healthy profit.
  • Include Sponsor Ads to help defray production costs. These could either be static ads on the display page or even video commercials that run before the webcast and/or during any breaks.
  • Track Viewer Stats monitor the number of viewers, their locations and other data , including post-event, traffic analysis reports that allow you to gauge the effectiveness of your communication strategies and plan for future events.
  • Archive Your Webcast this free service allows you to place your archived webcast videos on your own site for later, on-demand viewing by viewers who may have missed the live event.

Live Event Webcasting, including our conference webcasting services, can send video and audio of any event being held Live – events like International conferences, seminars, a company Annual General Meeting (AGM), weddings or just about any other event, to viewers around the world, allowing them to watch it from the comfort of their own homes or offices. Anywhere you want to be, Streaming Media will help you broadcast successfully. You can now reach a much wider audience over a much larger geographic area anywhere in the world – an all this using a regular internet connection.

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The 8 Most Important Reasons to use Live Webcasting:

  • Increase exposure and provide wider access to information.
  • Show your company as having a technologically progressive image & as being a leader in your field.
  • Improve transparency and accountability
  • Reduce travel & event production costs
  • Track audiences.
  • Be environmentally responsible
  • Improve ROI
  • Promote your organization, products & services

Now anyone can Webcast Events Live with Full Video – whether its Corporate or personal events, conferences, workshops or even entertainment productions such as music concerts or sporting events, they can all be broadcast LIVE to thousands of viewers to watch in real-time on their own web browsers.

Filming the event, meeting, product launch, press release or seminar and broadcasting it LIVE! allows more people to view it while helping you reduce your carbon footprint and save an unnecessary amount of expense on travel, accommodation and lost time at work.

All of the filming, live mixing & broadcasting is provided by us, using our team of experienced professionals and our own equipment. We will meet with you beforehand to plan your exact requirements and then take care of every single detail, leaving you free to enjoy your own event – see our Live Event Webcasting Services…

Our Production & broadcasting rates are extremely competitive – have a look at our available service packages and call us for the latest pricing at 604.970.5055. Even if your requirements are not listed in our standard packages we can easily customize the prefect solution to meet your exact specifications.

Please give us a call at 604.970.5055 to discuss broadcasting your event live or send us an email with your event details using this form…

Note: At this time, this service is only available in the Greater Vancouver & Sea to Sky areas.