Legal Testimony Webconferencing

…with Live Remote Witness Testimony Recording & Projection Services

We use our experience with streaming video to save you time, money & procedural delays – but more importantly, we save your staff the trouble of setting up & organizing the technology needed to ensure that your witness deposition or testimony goes smoothly & reliably.

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Legal Video Conferencing is used, whenever appropriate, to reduce inconvenience to witnesses who may be in a remote location, to testify in deposition proceedings and facilitate the timely progress of cases.

It cuts down on travel costs as well as wasted time for both the legal firm as well as the witness, making for a much more compliant and cooperative witness.

Through the use of cameras, computers and other equipment, our webconferencing service allows parties, who are not in the same room/community/city/country, to engage in simultaneous audio-visual communications – and we even record the proceedings as digital video files for your records, at no extra charge.


Improved cost effectiveness of services. Videoconferencing can help reduce or avoid much unnecessary expense since witness appearances now occurs at reduced cost and with greater certainty.

Avoiding travel inconvenience for witnesses, the party, co-counsel or judges not only reduces the costs of proceedings but conducting a scheduled webconference eliminates most obstacles to case completion while providing better and more convenient access for witnesses who might even need to be protected.

What this service does for your firm and your client…

for your witness to testify from their home or office, wherever in the world they may be located.
for your staff to organize the session in your office or the courtroom – we take the burden of organizing all the technical arrangements off their plate.
no cancellations, no delays, no witness reluctance…
in any office in Greater Vancouver or Sea to Sky region in Squamish and Whistler
as digital video files on disk without ever leaving your office.

Legal Webconferencing in Vancouver BC (not the same as Videoconferencing), is now an established process that is rapidly gaining acceptance with the legal community, as evidenced by the article on the BC Law Society site, though it still requires judicial approval for use in certain jurisdictions.

Our primary service is available for offices anywhere in the Lower Mainland, including Surrey, Langley, Burnaby, New Westminster, Richmond, The North Shore, North Vancouver, Coquitlam, Port Moody, West Vancouver and Delta – while our remote teams can be made available anywhere in Canada and even anywhere in North America or even Internationally (some limitations may apply) wherever there is Internet access available.

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