Combining Videoconferencing & Live Event Streaming

We are often asked about the difference between our Live Streaming service vs. Videoconferencing – and oftentimes, people seem to confuse the two.

Video conferencing involves two or more parties with webcams or video cameras speaking to each other via live internet video – much like a telephone conference call but with video instead of just audio – i.e. Many-to-Many. Live streaming, or Webcasting, on the other hand, is typically a one-way communication – video goes out from a single broadcaster to multiple viewers viewer via specialized live stream software – i.e. One-to-Many.

Here’s an example of how we brought Remote Zoom Presenters into an ongoing Live Webcast


The difference between the two is now even more confusing because webcasters like us have now started including a guest from a remote location joining the event via a video conferencing feature, now available in our new software.

Much to our delight, we now have the ability to blend the two technologies and offer our clients & their audiences a much more interactive, live streaming experience.

In the past it was always more complicated to integrate a remote presenter via video conference into a live webcast. One could use Skype, Google Hangout, or similar applications to include a remote caller. However, it was tricky to add the combined audio and video sources to the webcast software feed.

Recognizing the need for this type of feature, software programmers started innovating. Different live stream software programs tackle this issue in different ways, but the software we use has a dedicated feature to integrate video calling by a remote caller.

We can now integrate a new feature that allows a guest to call directly into the ongoing live webcast. Anyone now has the ability to call in using Chrome or Firefox on any PC, Mac or Android device and join the show.

The remote guest, armed with any computer and webcam, will be prompted to enter a password (provided by the webcast producer) and their name and start the call. We can also set a Return Feed to the Guest to control what they can see and hear. With the value that the combination of videoconferencing plus live streaming brings, these features are bound to mature even more and this is just the beginning.

Are you faced with a situation that requires bringing in a feed from a remote presenter or guest into your Live Webcast? Let us know and we’ll help you set up a live event webcast that your audience will appreciate and one that will make you proud!

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