Product Launch Webcasts

As a progressive business rolling out a brand new product, it is vital that its introduction to the media & the public be as impactful as possible, in order to gain the maximum promotional advantage!

You have probably invested a considerable amount when developing a new product (or added more features to an existing one). So obviously you are keen on making every cent count, when it comes to seeking & maintaining customer interest. That’s where Product Launch Webcasts come in!

Live Webcasting shatters the barriers of time, distance & other logistical costs, allowing audiences to participate in your promotional event, from wherever in the world they may be.

Markets are flooded with new products on a daily basis. Many of them, while being excellent products, happen to fail! 

One of the main season for failure of a product is a lackluster promotional roll-out strategy.

Product Launch Webcasts play a crucial role in popularizing & promoting a product – which is why they need to be carefully planned & executed in a way that is engaging to the public as well as the Media.

Companies spend a lavish amount on product launch events, but that is of no use if the launch does not get the desired results – Popularity & Sales!

A well managed product launch plays a vital role in popularizing the brand & in extending  the life of the product.

It is therefore vital that you roll out these products to the public, in a way that is not just informative, but also engaging and gripping.

When you organize a product launch, you would of course, invite the Media and influential members of the public to attend the event. But what if they cannot attend in person for logistical or scheduling reasons?

Live Webcasting is now a mainstream technology and has become an integral part of promotional strategies of progressive companies. It allows the media & members of the public to watch the event remotely, when they are (for whatever reason) unable to attend in person, thus significantly extending the global reach of your event.

At MediaStreams we provide turnkey Live Streaming solutions for Product Launch Webcasts to our clients – including fully managed Live Streaming packages – with video production, encoding, broadcasting & archival recording – all inclusive.

Some additional optional extras include:

  • A Customized Webcast display page
  • Customized registration forms and login screens.
  • Access restriction with password protection., or even geographic access restrictions.
  • Option of broadcasting the event on Facebook, YouTube, etc. or on your very own website.
  • Option to capture and display PowerPoint presentations alongside the speaker (including Picture-in-picture effects)
  • Playing commercial videos before, during or after the webcast.
  • Audio capture synchronized perfectly with the video.
  • Onsite Producer and onsite technical support for the entire duration of the event.
  • Encoding and Live streaming of the event in multiple bitrates to accommodate HD and low speed viewers.
  • Post-production (editing) of the recorded stream.
  • Analytic reports of the viewership.
  • Online Surveys & Polls.

At MediaStreams we help you reach larger audiences in a way that is at once engaging and powerful, to help promote your product in the best possible light.

To learn more about using our service for your next product launch or promotional webcast, call us at 604.970.5055 or send us an email with your event details.

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