Using Remotely Operated Cameras for Special Situations

Generally speaking, operating two or more separate cameras pointing in different directions, requires the use of 2 or more camera operators. This can add considerably to the production costs for our clients.

We have since devised a unique setup that utilizes remotely placed and remotely operated cameras, that require a single operator for their use. The remote camera (or cameras) can be operated by the single operator, panning and zooming them as required. This cuts down significantly on production cost while adding huge production value that benefits our clients.

Watch this example of a multi camera production which includes a remote camera for audience shots


The above example is short extracts from a Q&A session at a medico-legal conference. The main camera operator was seated at the back of the room, operating the 2 main cameras pointed at the speaker(s) while simultaneously operating the remote camera at the front of the room which was pointing backwards at the audience members asking the questions. The operator could pan and zoom the remote camera exactly like the main cameras, pointing them where required.