Meeting Destinations in the Lower Mainland

Every Destination Management Company (DMC) whether it is for meeting destinations in Vancouver and Whistler, or even all the way up to Langley, claims to offer a ‘full-service’ meeting option – but do they really?


Streaming events live from Whistler BC

Now you can share events LIVE from meeting destinations in Vancouver and Whistler, with remote audiences anywhere in the world.

Watch this short sampling of extracts from an actual Live Event, showing how multiple camera angles & PowerPoint slides can be displayed simultaneously, using ‘Live Video Switching’ during a Live Webcast…


Not only have we partnered with established Audio-visual companies & hotel AV departments for major events, but we also have the capability of providing our own AV setups for smaller events, making our service the most flexible yet least expensive, while still maintaining top quality, professional services.


So What is Live Event Webcasting?

To Share Events Live from Meeting Destinations in Vancouver and Whistler, our Live Webcasting (or Live Event Streaming) service allows you to broadcast any event LIVE! in real time over the Internet. This technology is one of the most exciting applications of streaming media and not only is a live webcast an exciting solution, but it is also a very efficient solution.

Corporate or personal events, or even professional productions such as major music or sporting events can be broadcast to tens of thousands of viewers via their own web browsers.

The Basic Process:

The basic process is the same regardless of the scale of the production:

Images and/or sound are captured with appropriate equipment. Anything from a single digital camcorder to multiple cameras and mixing desks.

The output from this equipment is fed into a computer using appropriate interface hardware.

Encoding software turns that input into a format suitable for live streaming. Typically this would be Flash Video Encoder or Windows Media Encoder.

The encoded output is then transmitted via an internet connection to our streaming servers. The higher the speed of this internet connection, the higher the quality of the images we broadcast.

This single stream is received by our streaming servers and re-broadcast, in real time, to multiple viewers via a website link – either on your own or on our website.

Learn How Live Event Webcasting Works…

What are the Benefits of Live Webcasting? Click here to find out

Who should use Live Event Streaming?

Live Event Streaming is especially useful for any kind of event, such as:

Company AGMs
Product Launches
Corporate Functions
Town Hall Meetings
Training Courses
Public Relations Announcements
Sporting Events
Memorial Services
and more…

Live Event Streaming can send video images and audio of an AGM, conference or any other event to viewers around the world, watching it from their offices or the comfort of their own homes.

  • Allow public access or keep your event private using secure password protection.
  • Make your event fully Interactive using Live Online Chat screens next to the video player.
  • Multiple camera angles with Live Video Switching can capture the speaker as well as their screen presentations and audience questions, using multi-view screens and Picture-in-Picture display.
  • You could even incorporate feedback forms, surveys & questionnaires into the online display


But what if viewers are not able to make the live webcast at the scheduled time?

For viewers who are unavailable to view the event live at the specific time, the entire webcast event or presentation is always recorded and can then placed on a website for them to view on demand in their own time. On-demand Webcasting is basically a “re-broadcast” viewable at any time from any computer.

Tips for a Successful Broadcast

The success of your Live Streaming Event broadcast needs planning and testing in order to achieve an enjoyable viewer experience. We take care of all the details leaving you with no worries and free to focus on your event. Your Live Streaming Event should be viewed by a majority of your audience members without any hitches whatsoever and in the highest quality possible.

In order to reach the widest possible audience as you stream your Live Event, we will need to take into account three key factors:

  • Network Capacity
  • Server Capacity
  • Audience Capabilities

Network Capacity

Before your Live Event we will need to determine the following:

The maximum upload speed of the Internet connection at the location of the Live Event Broadcast

The type of connection is available at the event location

Has the connection been in place for a period of time and tested?

Is there a backup Internet connection should the first one not work?

What is the maximum upload speed for the connection?
We will help you determine these factors.

Server Capacity

Server Capacity is often a concern. A Live Event Broadcast cluster should utilize multiple hardware load-balanced servers with connections to a reliable backbone to be able to handle the toughest load.

Audience Capabilities

Before broadcasting your Live Event you should also evaluate the connection capabilities of your audience. Do the majority of your users have broadband or dial-up connections? Do they run Windows or Apple based systems? What media players do they have installed on their computers? Today, we know that 99% of all systems have universally compatible Players installed which facilitates universal reception.

Anywhere you want to be, Streaming Media will help you broadcast successfully. You can now reach a much wider audience over a much larger geographic area anywhere in the world, using a regular internet connection.


Have a look at our convenient packages and pricing and then give us a call at 604.970.5055 to discuss your best options for broadcasting your next event live or send us an email with your event details using this form…