Why Stream Live?

Live streaming video is now the method of choice for communicating business messaging & instructional content 

Stand Out     Be Different    Be Seen

More recently, professional associations as well as enterprise businesses have deployed live videocasting (webcasting) for communicating their message, which has resulted in a significant increase in audience engagement.

Whether used for association workshops, employee training, enhanced marketing, or product launches, live online video streams provide participants with an engaging environment well-suited for reaching large audiences quickly, easily and on a real-time basis.

Be seen as progressive by using Live Streaming to communicate

Go the extra mile to share your event “Live!” with your membership

Allow audiences to participate In Real Time
Anyhow, Anytime, Anywhere!

“Live Event Webcasting coupled with archived video available on-demand, have proven to be the most compelling method for an effective communication strategy, enabling wider distribution of information, enhancing knowledge sharing, collaboration & audience engagement. Increasingly, companies are realizing the tremendous value of a secure broadcast sharing solution that takes full advantage of this shift toward the universal consumption of streaming video on desktop, laptop, mobile phones & tablets.”

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