Streaming without an Internet Connection

For outdoor locations or venues which do not offer any Internet connectivity or WiFi, we have now employed the latest advances in cellular technology to Stream Live, using multiple cellular data modems connected to a highly specialized piece of equipment –  linked to a transmission device. – the Teradek encoder,

This revolutionary technology allows us to provide you with the highest quality video transmission in any resolution and bit rate support from 480p to Full HD, using the latest non-proprietary codec technology in AVC and HEVC which compress the video to allow for fast transmission. It works by simply connecting our camera(s) to an array of cellular modems on a special piece of hardware called a ‘cellular bonding device’, which then streams the video out through our cellular data providers to the CDN (content distribution network) through the cloud using our specialized software.

While it does add a small cost to your production, it more than makes up for it in terms of the sheer convenience of being able to live stream from anywhere that has decent cellular coverage.

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