Presenting for Profit


The above video was developed quite a few years ago, to introduce businesses large and small, to the power of advertising with Streaming Video on the web. While this particular presentation dealt with video-on-demand ‘web ads’, it is equally applicable to using Live Streaming over the Internet.

Multimedia is (and always has been) the most powerful means of communication: This has been made even more powerful with the advent of Live Streaming which, if expertly implemented, will raise your professional profile to whole a new level.

We used to (and still do) develop customized PowerPoint presentations along with training for using them to present effectively. Designing presentations is an vital factor in presenting effectively . Too many wannabe graphic designers build them using reams of text on their slides which makes the presentation boring, not to mention rendering it totally ineffective. PowerPoint slides are not meant to present written text content – they are meant to provide talking points for the presenter – either speaking in person or through an audio voiceover embedded into the slides.

Getting the presentation in front of enough eyeballs is another challenge that is best handled by presenting online over the Internet, thus widening reach and availability 24/7. This could be during a live event (which was recorded) or using a studio recording of a web video as a ‘presentation-on-demand’ and sending the link to prospective viewers.

This is where Streaming Web Video comes into its own and provides the most effective platform for presenting and communicating your message powerfully.

As the video says – “If You’re Not Using It, You’re Losing It!”